Core story surrounding trade (realistic story series) (first time)

by hkanezuka

Hello everyone! Accelerator A~tsuiya access thank you to the word Torre blog. (Sorry in solid)
If the trade practices are to some extent the number of years experience you may be subject to various and unreasonable demand consultation.

I think that I have a that can not be with But I can do.

This time it was thought that ICO is to introduce such episode is billed as "realistic story series".
(Please, everyone support so that it does not end with 1 times)

The ① Tomero a cargo ship loaded just before ーーー! ...... Also been told I

It was LCL (LCL cargo) cargo.

From shippers like the day before the evening of the ship Arrival Date
  • The trouble because in the importing country even if the cargo ship out of the container!
  • Do not export!
I was received in touch with.
I have trouble matching is! !

The LCL cargo in the export clearance permit already said that so-called CY CUT date because the day before the ship dock date'm a deadline to be carried into the orderly claw ship company CY different shippers like cargo in containers (container yard). Thus the customers of cargo was already already carried into the CY.

It was I will explain the situation to the customer, but .........

"Because there that it has done before, the skilled in the art will not put the fine line to correspond to me was! Cost!"

It was of My persistence, I. "Fuu, Ha A" and I would like crazy month big sigh in my mind. "Anyway, we will pursue the re-confirmed the possibility the status quo. These costs will also be estimated"

It was decided to contact the Dear rebuild the readiness by Toritsukuro~tsu situ. But entry into port tomorrow, departure is the day after tomorrow And Friday tomorrow.

The corresponding physical time is no hoo!

In fact you need to celebrate least this kind of setup.

  • Apology to other shippers like that are mounted on the same container (do not know what companies like!) And seal (container seal) of the opening and the number is to the effect that it is changing due to the seal with a new seal notification and approval.
  • Hoping notification submission - approved a sealed container seal already opened in customs. Also immediate corresponding wishes! ! (No security or get to correspond!)
  • And transport the container to the bonded warehouse from CY
  • Work out the cargo from the container so-called Deban'ningu
  • And Banning the cargo should be loaded later again eliminate the cargo
  • Again sealed
  • The re-loaded into the CY
  • Data modification of the ship the company due to all of your container seal number change to be mounted on the container, fix-reissue of the paper sheet
  • Whatnot
It is costs incurred after. Whether costs are also in the container of CY carry already are located anywhere in the CY it will greatly affect.

With one hand Hyoi! Cargo can not be moved like a. It must be Dasa Hojikuri the container using a private crane.

The shipping company (NVOCC) like you were asked to explore the possibilities can be contact on the day, but of course do you say and sure enough

"More so your annoying"

We had concluded that respectfully "Not applicable" and.
If domestic cargo complicated procedure so far does not need, it is not go to quite easy because there is a hurdle that Customs to export.

It was; ('ρ`) ()'д` () after a long time to ....

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