Cost calculation of trade logistics is not just weight, Do you know the volume weight?

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Have you heard of "volume weight"?

It is a strange unit that unit a different say why the "volume" and "weight" became confused.

The logistics it might be more important than the say "dimensional weight" actual "actual weight",.

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Is the same as human consumption, track and also to transport the cargo, rail, ship, airplane, etc., there is a wide variety of vehicles (transportation).

It is obvious, but there is a limit to the weight and volume Tsumikomeru all these in.

Indeed What are the restrictions on the?
For example, consider an example of a case to gain a cargo track of such conditions.

Truck bed, there is a (vertical) 1m x (horizontal) 1m x (height) box 100 put is wide maximum of 1m.
However, the weight of cargo trucks carry a total of up to 1,000kg (1 tons).

  • Tsumikomeru restrictions on weight
  • If it was a box one per 20kg, if it is assumed that load a maximum of 100, 20kg x 100 = 2,000kg (2 tons).
    When you Sekimo it all, it will be exceeded 1,000kg the transportation capacity for the weight of the truck.
    So in this case after all, 20kg x 50 = 1,000kg (1 tons) you will only be able to gain.

    In this case, although still space left over, it will become the weight over when you Sekimo heavy even a small cargo to bed full.

    Heavy cargo in such a small percentage will be referred to as "weight (Mekata) wins."

  • Tsumikomeru limit to the volume
  • If it was a box one per 1kg, if it is assumed that load a maximum of 100, 1kg x 100 = 100kg (0.1 tons).
    Given the ability of the track, but it's not gained only only 1/10.

    However, if large cargo but is light, consider the size of the truck bed and you will not be able to gain more than 100 cargo.

    Large cargo in this manner in the light split is said to be "volume Winning".

    If Despite a variety of cargo, and the transport will be defined only by the actual weight (actual weight), it will be run into a variety of walls in this manner.

    So other than the actual weight, this "volume weight" and also I need to provide restriction to say!

    Transport fare in international trade, there is a tabular fares are called Tariff Rate (tariff rate).
    In the case of a ship of transport, shipping alliance (Shipping Conference) and are defined by, in the case of air cargo, it has been determined by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

    The Tariff Rate (tariff rate) is set in the "weight".
    So, if you do not convert the volume of large cargo weight is light, it is a translation that is no longer 's Fair.

    Fair criteria in terms of this weight to volume's the "volume weight".

    Transport fares, actual weight (actual weight) / Actual Weight (actual weight) and volume weight / Volume Weight (volume weight) compared to, is whichever is greater is the final weight and considered, we It is being billed

    This claim-based weight that is has been called "Chageable Weight (charger Bull weight)."

    The means of transport to be used in international trade is the main the ships and aviation of the two types, but in fact the way of conversion of volume weight in each is different.

  • If shipping Compare vertical (m) x Horizontal (m) x height (m) and the actual weight / ton
  • If air transport vertical (cm) x Horizontal (cm) x height (cm) ÷ 5000 (or 6000) and the actual weight / kg Compare

  • Through these Chargeable Weight is confirmed.

    (As a supplement, but is a formula for air transport, but the numbers that this 5000 I was defined by the IATA in August 2002, in the present circumstances is often you are using the 6000. Even in more detail also of opportunity It then decided to talk.)

    Here in one appointment advice!

    Since the inter-longest Hakareru site of each surface is adopted as the length of its surface, there is that would have been surveying as a think also over unexpected length useless ledge is out.

    If you do not the optimal packing as much as possible compact, please note that you say that wasteful costs would come out.

    This can be done it is professional work of translation of packing.

    In Watore, we will tell you an easy-to-understand information on trade practices.
    Future please stay tuned.

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