The EXW (Ex-Works)?

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The EXW stands for EX Works (E-X Works), it is one of the trade conditions of Incoterms.
It has been said that the factory I am a Japanese.

In seller of factories and warehouses of export destinations is a condition that deliver the cargo.
The buyer will use in the case, such as go to pick up the cargo until the seller of factories and warehouses.

Risk of loss at the time that you delivered the cargo, and I move to the buyer from the seller.

Rochester Factory
Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License by Ben Reierson

For the seller, because the risk of loss at the time it was delivered the cargo is transferred to the buyer, the burden risks and costs will become the lowest trade conditions.

On the contrary, import and export customs clearance various hung for bringing from hornbeam country to country is for the buyer, fare, such as customs duties, it must be all the burden, even cheaper price of the cargo itself, risk and cost burden maximum trade It becomes that condition.

"Do it too is unlikely I deal with EXW ···." And might even have those who think.
However, actually EXW imports and exports have been made fairly.

when I was involved for the first time to import and export in EXW, this question was aside.

Although I think I "on ···? EXW conditions export procedures who will conduct the country on the buyer side buyer side, to the country to export buyer Ja ... by reason of imports because not, Who is procedure to the ??? "

That is right.
Buyer even though do not to be carried out these procedures, it is not almost do anything in practice.

If the seller is willing to cooperate, the seller performs the export customs clearance becomes the exporters, it is one case closed just say that the costs associated with all of the exports to the burden of the buyer.

But, the seller is a "kind of Yare in trouble it! My!", Or nothing will the good Once you if you do not me to cooperate? ?

In that case, why not try to be addressed in the following two is?

  • The seller, responsible for all of the export license will submit a document to be committed to the buyer to take
  • Buyer is pledged a power of attorney to the forwarder who is in the exporting country (freight forwarder suppliers), will be appointed as export agent

Incoterms of trade conditions, is one of the famous international rules indispensable when overseas trading.

However, unlike you and read in the book, when it comes to actually a business, so easily it will encounter found in a scene that can not cope.

Trade really profound, and really funny! When is this time a reason today to feel the pain and subjected to while always ....

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