The FOB?

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FOB and is the abbreviation of the Free on Board.

At the time when the ownership of the goods are stacked load such as the partner country of the ship or airplane, it is trading condition that the commercial rights and the risk is transferred to the buyer.

But to say that ... is the general of the textbook answer, now do you you can understand?

Conditions such as FOB is one of the trade conditions between international the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has been defined.

This FOB, when illustrated in the time of importation at the ship will be as follows.


FOB is translated as FOB conditions in Japanese.
when the cargo exceeds the railing of the ship, such as the ownership will be moved to the buyer.

The seller (exporter) must bear the cost and risk of up to embark on a ship.

What in the FOB is the most common it?

Because the cost benefits is largest for both.

For the buyer (importer) Is there an easier better of CIF and Doaderi, but the minute cost burden will become greater.
Arrange also seller and marine cargo insurance in that case, since they must be borne, it is normal that would have been added to say that that amount of charge for one's labor.

It is that you must be careful in FOB?

Customs clearance at sea cargo insurance and domestic must be done in the way of the buyer.
Insurance because there is no meaning unless applied in a timely manner, we need to care so as not to forget.

Buyer as his own expense, marine cargo insurance, since the importation costs and must bear on their own, it must be incorporated in advance in cost calculation.

Because there is tariff as forgetful ones to cost calculation, and costing of imports unless you a variety and carefully investigated, "was not a this should ...." Volley in sounding will because of the experience of It must be in as to always consult a certain person.

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