The Incoterms (INCOTERMS)?

by ychiba

Or will come out the word that often is referred to as Incoterms (INCOTERMS), this would of such things Who decided for what the conditions of the trade?

Some of this Incoterms is currently trading conditions across the 13 types have been defined.

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First, Incoterms must be careful to say that there is no legal binding force.

Incoterms the ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) is the international provisions relating to the interpretation of trade conditions which have been specified.
even in the international trade that countries say different trade, it's the guidelines for to advance to facilitate the work on the basis of a common interpretation.

It's is particularly well used in the trade conditions of the Incoterms is, it is a translation to or was or was that FOB CIF.

13 kinds of trade conditions, divided into large following four groups.
Enough to go if you go down, but the buyer of the burden will be reduced, it is expected that the minute cost increases.

1. E group (shipping)

Seller is the condition to pass to the buyer the goods in-house facilities.
Such might be the case when a buyer is going to get in, such as track to the seller of the factory.
There is only one condition of EXW (ex-works) is in this.

2. F group (the main shipping costs excl.)

Seller is the condition for delivering the goods to the specified carrier of the buyer.
Track to the carrier = means being specified, ship, and airplane.
This in the FOB enters, there are a total of three conditions.

3. Group C (including key transport costs)

Seller is done to arrange for transportation, but the danger is the condition that the buyer must bear.
This in the CIF and CFR (formerly: C & F) enters, there are a total of four conditions.

4. Group D (arrival)

Seller not only transportation, it is a condition to bear the danger also.
If you want to please Doaderi in narrowing included all such tariff, DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) is applicable.
There are a total of five conditions.

Trade conditions that belong to each group, will be represented by three letters.
You can confirm the 13 kinds all in this article. Link: For Incoterms (INCOTERMS) 2000 trade conditions

Since the transactions between international E group is difficult, still F group becomes mainstream. (Or DDP of the total burden)

In any case, the work of the trade that you can not be made to all to complete the in-house, you need to get the cooperation of such shipping company's or freight forwarder trader san.

The first might be a high hurdle, but basically it would be reasonable best to carry out the deal in FOB.


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