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Currently, sea transport in international trade, but it is common to carry a container.

Do Although it is sea container transport, which fully and now fixed, history is surprisingly shallow, Did you know that the thing that began ago just in '50?

previous maritime transport container ship is developed "conventional ship" was the leading role.

The conventional ship ship itself is the image, such as the cargo compartment.
For example, "container ship" will transport only the same shape container, but "conventional ship" for it has features that say that can transport a variety of shapes and weight of the cargo.

Container, car, train, boat ..., anything OK!
Okay well as bulk that it does not enter into the container.

So, from the degree of freedom as a high "conventional ship," Why "container ship" has become mainstream by now ...? ?

a class = "flickr-image alignnone" title = "Happy 50th Birthday, Big Metal Boxes !!!" href = "http://www.flickr.com/photos/telstar/135412439/"> Happy 50th Birthday, Big Metal Boxes !!! Attribution-NonCommercial License by Telstar Logistics

In fact, the appearance of this sea container transport enough to be called up to the "revolution of international transport!", I be greater of degree was shake the world of logistics vibrant specific transportation method.

The reason is that simple.

By containerized cargo it is because he can succeed in greatly reducing thing had a big weight in the sea transport "cargo transshipment cost" and "transport number of days" until now! !

Also appeared super-huge container ship in recent years, it is possible to be at once equipped with a large amount of container, reduction of fuel costs also have been advanced.
Now the majority of the marine transportation and I have created a market that occupied by the container transport.
Although conventional ship also the number was reduced, it is also active now in active service.

So here, for shippers who take advantage of this sea container transport, let's briefly talk about the good points better to know!

1. Maritime container size and type

Sea container has been made on the basis of the international standard (ISO standard). By unifying the world, it is not distributed even transported to anywhere in the world is made to go smoothly.
Is there different types / sizes, but this time I will introduce the typical ones are distributed in Japan.

Do you think that the length of the outer dimensions of the container is easy to remember because it is being used in the container name.
[Size of the container]
  • A. 20-foot containers
External dimensions Unit: mm (feet)
length Width height
6,058mm (19ft 10-1 / 2in) 2,438mm (8ft) 2,591mm (8ft 6in)
  • B. 40-foot containers
External dimensions Unit: mm (feet)
length Width height
12,192mm (40ft) 2,438mm (8ft) 2,591mm (8ft 6in)
2,896mm (9ft 6in)
Height to 40 feet-type container there is a high type about 30cm, it is called 40 feet high cube container.
Textile products, such as are now made by the increase in recent years "volume Winning cargo". However dry container only.

In honor of the height of 9ft6in, called "Kung (9) six (6)" in the industry terms (type of 8ft6in is called "bee (8) six (6)").
[Type of container]
The container, the type you farewell and by what goods to be stacked.
  • A. dry container (DRY CONTAINER)
It refers to the container General of most distribution to have general use.
20 feet, 40 feet, there are three sizes of 40 ft high cube.
  • B. special container
The container to be used for goods that can not be transported in a dry container I called the "special container".
"Open-top container" is difficult large goods to be loaded from the door of the container it has been used to (weight products such as flat glass, cargo, such as with a length). Most of the roof is open, you can loading and unloading of container from the top.
Furthermore, in order to transport the like perishable foods, the container itself has a function of freezer there "refrigerated container" also.
Because there are other various kinds, making it possible to container selection according to the goods to be transported.
However, these special containers do not forget that it is set higher cost when compared to dry container! !

Either would have been able to organize for sea container?

In Watore, we will tell you an easy-to-understand information on trade practices.
Future please stay tuned!

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