Various-dry container - container selectively used depending on the purpose

by ychiba

Hello. Watore! It is.

Another article " about the types of marine containers in ", I was let me talk about the types of marine containers from the history of the container ship.

Although container is there are various types of, do you know what kind of container is used No. 1 many?

Is for the purpose of transportation of general cargo such as temperature regulation is not needed, it is the most common container ....
Utilization whopping! It is used in about 85% of all cargo is marine transportation.

Either I would have been already know?

...... Correct answer is "dry container."

This time, the representative of the marine container, let me talk about "dry container."

Dry container (Dry Container)

Dry container is of general use containers made of steel.

Size is also abundant, there is a total length 10,12,20,40,45FT and a plurality of standardized size.
10FT, 12FT in the center of the domestic transportation, 20FT or more has been active in overseas transportation.

The rear of the door becomes a double doors, it will packed the cargo from there.

In addition, since you are using the ** gasket around the door, high air-tightness, and protect cargo during sea transport from seawater.
(** Gasket: airtight, that the fixed sealing member for imparting water tightness)

And it guards is not only from seawater!
The door has become a specification that can also prevent theft and smuggling done seal made of metal (seal) always.

Appearance of 40FT dry container is such a feeling.


↑ 40FT side of the dry container

※ It is a feeling that the longitudinal direction is halved in the case of 20FT.


↑ 40FT inside of the dry container

Basic size used in the maritime transport I a more 20FT, but the container that you see in Japan is mostly 20FT and 40FT.

For example 45FT but in the United States is the general size, there is little to see chance unfortunately because it can not pass the public roads in Japan ....
  • Examples of container size
Unit 20FT 40FT 40FT (HC type)
The inner dimension (inside the container size) mm Length Width Height 5,882 - 5,914
2,346 - 2,352
2,376 - 2,395
12,023 - 12,055
2,346 - 2,356
2,280 - 2,438
12,023 - 12,058
2,343 - 2,352
2,619 - 2,703
Own weight (weight of the container itself) M3 32.8 to 33.4 67.2 to 67.8 75.9 to 76.5
Content volume MT 1.96 to 2.35 2.85 to 3.90 2,98 - 4,15
... In these, the royal road of the container, what was able to be sure about the "dry container"?

Since there is a special container in accordance with the cargo in addition to the dry container, able to determine what kind of container to your cargo is suitable, is a big point for transporting precious cargo in a safe and reasonable!

One cases For here article of "special container", various ~ flat rack containers - containers that use both by purpose please visit.

In the future it Watore! The we will continue to deliver a variety of information. Please please stay tuned.

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