Safety is viewed from the practitioners security export control of the current situation Part 2

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Comparison with the United States of Control Classification Number (ECCN) number

eccn Laws and regulations of the participating countries is an international regime AG, each country in accordance with the decision at Wasse over donor arrangement Men has conducted law revision, the same as countries in response to the HS revision in the WCO is performing law revision It is like.
HS is almost common although there are some differences in each country, (opinion slightly It is also different, such as the customs of the judgment but) it is easy to see the relatively countries of comparison.

However, it is so difficult to compare because the US and EU standards does not have all of the correlation 貿管 decree by 1 cargo such as Ordinance number and the United States of ECCN numbers are similar to the beginning of the number of some of the difference is those There is none.
Than Japan's laws and regulations are positively Galapagos? I feel very strongly by doing practice with.

Such as a pump. It is regulated by 2B350 in the United States, it has been regulated by the 2B350i in EU regulations.
But 3 Section 2-9 next to the 貿管 Ordinance another one of Japan, has nothing of relevance and 2B350.
(First place Japan of laws and regulations does not use the alphabet.)


Because it is such a situation, with respect to inquiries from foreign countries, and I must be judged against the each time another 1 Item No. and ECCN number. Some things are also of a plurality of different section 1 corresponds to one of the ECCN number, the confirmation will take time. (Moreover, since provisions are arranged in Irohanihoheto, also requires consideration of frogs reading doing do with it.)

That's right! It is very cumbersome.
Related organizations also require the unification of number has submitted a petition.

In the "2004 Nippon Keidanren Regulatory Reform" (November 16, 2004), Western control of by the development of a comparison table of the code, further as a medium- to long-term agenda Western to the code of the developed countries as well as international standards the unified I was demand.

Answers from the government ...... On the contrary.
1, does not take very effort to contrast with overseas based on the same List of Items Controlled agreed in export control regime.
2, there is no interpretation rights for the code of the Japan Western, code changes and the like to be Japan's involvement beyond.
3, if the costs and benefits compared gravimetric obtained by it in accordance with the thing to unify beyond significantly its own current law system countries, support is difficult 4, each company due to significant changes in the current system, such as item number cost by changing the internal documents and export control regime

It is like this answer. It is apparent that the authorities concerned from this answer does not take into account the "ease of clarity and understanding" at the time of laws and regulations enacted.
People have experienced the practice that you feel to see this answer ......

1, it takes a very effort.
2, AG and international standards in accordance with the decision of WASSENER also not a point of view beyond that involved span because it is change
Unifies the code to the HS waves, I want you to consider the ease of clarity understanding.
3, towards the cost proceed without unification consuming.
4, temporarily cost will take, but it should be considered whether the mismatch of the current number is how much spent the time of the business.

It becomes.
Since things are reluctant to review the systems and policies that you've created once, it will be considered that there is no even number unification in the future. Either would be that "when used according to the international regime Whatever the number is, so OK"? Once the concept that it is not according to the go-ahead to De policies even what direction conversion, you feel like regulatory agencies are very similar to the policy of something that has been promoted until now.

Or more, next time I'll try summarizes parts provision and ECCN of de mini mass level of 貿管 Ordinance.


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