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Hello. Is Watore!

At the time containerization began, "container is a ready-to-wear" There was a thing that was said to be like.

To a predetermined size of clothes (container), but it was a situation such as must also pushed the body (cargo) as was somewhat cramped.
Also it is why there was a lot clearly the body that do not fall in clothes (container) (cargo) is in.

For example, and cargo that exceed the maximum loading capacity of the container, you are cargo that do not fit into a single container is too long.
They had been piled in conventional vessels.
But, at present most of the route is a container of the shape of the cargo, the nature, various types of special container according to the application now being developed.

Heavy, long cargo, well as frozen / refrigerated cargo, is not allowed the container transport.

One of its current special container, is a commentary on flat rack containers (Flat Rack Container).

Flat rack containers (Flat Rack Container)

This container you can see that it get a look at the image, but the roof (ceiling), left and right of the wall, there is no door.
Therefore, it is also known as "open-end (harmless) container".

Since anti said shape, you can carry the cargo height and width will protrude from the container (also an over-high / over-wide is said) in the container.

Because you can load a large cargo that is not caught in the container of the size, it is useful, such as the large-scale machinery and wood.
Because of this flat rack containers are often used for heavy cargo, 30 centimeters of floor height is 20 feet container, made 60 centimeters thick in 40 feet container, it has strength is enhanced.

Usually, though I be shipping in the hold for general average prevention, in that case, because the broken space in the upper space (physically wasted space that is not packed cargo) is generated, and ocean freight is set high , please be careful when considering the logistics cost.

It is also an important element that firmly to secure the cargo container.

Here it is needed It is packers wish!
It might be denied the loading of the ship if the cargo has not been firmly fixed.

If by any chance cargo got out, it's that or occurred damage to the ship itself and other cargo as well as cargo, also from hindering the ship schedule. If you are re-packing again, so Kasami also cost burden, it is important that you choose a skilled in the art that a skilled been packaged experience carefully.

We will continue to deliver a variety of information in the future Watore.

Please stay tuned please!

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