Safety is viewed from the practitioners security export control the current Part 3

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This time, tried to summarize for parts provision and de mini trout rules of 貿管 Ordinance, and divided into two times just to take fine because the former.

The law provisions relating to the determination whether or not the built-in products (products with on-chip)

Parts provision and is useful to remember that, but the authorities do not have in the effort to extensively spread the method of operation here a degree that will be answered to be asked.
Such an important rule is not at the level of law and Ordinance, I think what is a how's that do not know you do not Ika drill down operation notice.
Whether it made when the machine B that corresponds to 1 to 15 of Appendix 1 is incorporated into a machine A which does not correspond to 1 to 15 of Appendix 1? That is the interpretation of the problem.

It is a summary of the "first interpretation Export Order Schedule".

Even in the Export Order Schedule first goods listed in the middle column of up to 1 to Section 15 (a so-called list regulations product), the following shall be treated as cargo not a list regulated goods.

1) and 2) if B is treated as cargo not a list regulated goods.

(Description of A) and "has become a part of other cargo" is?



(Explanation of B) as to whether has become a key element of the other cargo,

It will determine the price of goods that are built.

A, to classify the parts that are included in parentheses each level under the Schedule the first term of the number (if it contains a cargo of the same classification, I will total)
B, == if not exceed 10% of the other cargo value of the built-in destination> does not become a major element of the other cargo


3) In the case of electronic components.

It judged difficult to separate from other cargo when in the state of soldering.
Here it omitted because there is separately defined in paragraph 8 of another 1.


1) It is not good for attaching force the parts I want to export it to escape permission. Confirmation of the extent that
Pricing structure ratio of 2) I think would be the main criteria.
3) it will come to must be confirmed separately by Section 8 and this notice will be omitted here.

and "I do not need because they are incorporated. The non-determination if I be in the body," might serve as recognized by the people If you do not know this Circular and Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Control Law violation.
It's not okay if sales as strengths that as contrary to parts manufacturers "Our components permit application is not required by because it is part does not exceed the product price 10% of your company!" That feeling "not to the relevant goods" would either. (But will no regards to intentionally lower the price)

Although I tried to summarize the notification of parts today, there may be a place, such as misleading because there is also omitted the part, please forgive me for some of the difference.

Next time we'll try summarizes de mini trout rules.


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