Point of order to understand the Incoterms (INCOTERMS)

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It is the latest of Incoterms (INCOTERMS), and there is a 13 kinds trade conditions in the "Incoterms 2000".

People just entered the world of trade, I think that it is difficult to understand the differences between each of the conditions.
(Please see here if there is what to 13 types link:. Incoterms (INCOTERMS) on trade conditions of 2000 )

"... ?? What would you CIF"

When you are troubled and,

"It's a trade conditions" to the destination of the port of freight and insurance charges included "."

Even taught with, it's not good enough trees and pin ....
(Originally it jumped into the world of trade, at least I did not come with the pin (laughs))

In this study it is simple and easy to understand! Is a description to organize the Incoterms in a time series.

Please Think about the image of exports from Japan.

horizontale lijnen omringen graffity
Attribution-NonCommercial License by Gerard Stolk

Where until the seller, where from is whether the responsibility of the buyer?

  • ①. Seller of factories, warehouses, etc.
  • ②. Until the ship-from-exporter specified warehouse, such as ①
~~~~~~~~ Seller of border (Japan Customs) ~~~~~~~~
  • ③. To export business / export customs clearance (specified warehouse ~ On Board (ship installed))
  • ④. Sea transport.
  • . ⑤-1 destination Chiminato: before import customs clearance (marine insurance-free)
  • . ⑤-2 destination Chiminato: before import customs clearance (marine insurance included)
~~~~~~~~ Buyer of the border (Overseas Customs) ~~~~~~~~
  • ⑥ destination:. To import clearance after ~ temporary storage warehouse
  • ⑦. Transport to temporary storage warehouse - buyer
  • ⑧. Burden of up to ⑦ + import tariff
So these, let's simply fitted to the Incoterms of trade conditions.

1.Ex-Works: ① point of
2.FOB: to ③
3.CFR: to ⑤-1
4.CIF: to ⑤-2
5.DDU: until ⑦
6.DDP: until ⑧

It will become a large burden on the seller in order from the top.

Of course, Ex-Works to say that the end to pass is in our own factory, is a translation most comfortable is for the seller.
Customers, you come to bother himself pickup! (Well, usually it is not a person but.)
It 's this is easier than the ordinary business of the country is in.

Here ... The point is at the expense of non-transportation costs
  • * Export customs clearance, import clearance costs, whether the seller / buyer either has to pay?
  • * Whether the tax is either the seller / buyer to bear?
  • * Are you insured? In that case, whether the seller / buyer either has to pay?
This is the only 3 points.

By thus thinking in a time series, Be dive easy to understand?

Although trade conditions on the latest Incoterms is there 13 types, also It is as good was the master, if possible understand the six of typical above.

Finally Incoterms, please absolutely not not forget to say that not only in any provisions.
Conditions necessary for the actual buying and selling, and shakes firmly the contract, we'll thoroughly as both of misunderstanding does not occur!


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