Level and Newton (Revenue Ton)?

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Another article in, I talked about actual weight and volume weight.

When you calculate the transport fare is the actual weight "Actual Weight: actual weight" and is the volume weight "Volume Weight: volume weight" are compared, it is considered the weight and should, whichever is greater will be charged You.

It is mean that this claim possible weight is referred to as a "Chargeable Weight (charger Bull wait)".

"... Even, actually what it is somehow to say so."

Even if we know that this way of thinking, I think you it is a lot to be confused at suddenly practice.

So this time, we want to try to calculate together in a concrete example for the practice.

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Let's take a marine transportation as an example.

If at sea transport of "FCL", have fare is determined by the container unit.
"FCL: Full Container Load" is, simply speaking to the situation where you are Kashikiri~tsu the container.
In the container it will that does not contain only your cargo.
Fee structure in the case of "FCL" Since you say the much in one container does not come out becomes the base "Chargeable Weight" and omitted because it does not apply in this problem.

"LCL: Less than Container Load" case of becomes a problem.

In the case of "LCL", your cargo volume because it's a small amount but not enough become container full, will be with another person of mixed cargo, and carpool.
In such a case: it "Chargeable Weight charger bull weight" has come out.

Incidentally, the case of ocean freight, "Chargeable Weight: Charger Bull weight" has been called the "Revenue Ton (level Newton, R / T, RTN)".

The "Revenue (revenue)" in English, means "revenue Toka revenue" If Japanese translation.
This word I often used by public institutions and bureaucratic If anything, but is like there is a historical background to say it is influence to it and came to be used towards many of the word "Revenue Ton" .

... Well, finally the main topic.

  • Actual weight: 1t (tons)
  • Volume weight: 2.5 M3 *

* ... This M3 (M3) is a unit that represents the volume. It calculated by the length x width x height (m (meters)). It is the cubic meter!

Such a LCL cargo as an example, let's calculate with realistic estimate system.

  • BASE: US $ 35 W / M
  • BAF: US $ 8.00 / RTN
  • CFS CHARGE: ¥ 3,980 / RTN
  • THC: ¥ 2,000 / RTN
  • DOC: ¥ 2,000 / BL
** In the case of less than 3RTN as minimum charge occurs below.
0 - 1 RTN: US $ 20 / BL
1 - 2 RTN: US $ 15 / BL
2 - 3 RTN: US $ 10 / BL

It is used in units of "BASE" on top "W / M", in the sense to say "Weight or Measurement", whichever is greater of the actual weight or volume weight, calculated by taking the 'Revenue Ton " is it means that must be.

"Actual weight: 1" in the case of this cargo from, "volume weight: 2.5" because the larger, it is not a "Revenue Ton = 2.5".

Second or less, only it may be if we continue to adopt simply the "Revenue Ton".

2.5 based on calculations in the above Revenue Ton of this cargo So, from the second to fourth is only good if multiplied by 2.5 in each of the unit price.

Unit called "BL" to come out in fifth represents the to say that please the unit price per one review B / L.
Since the B / L is usually one of the shipment will be issued one, it is OK even if interpreted as "per shipment".

Price is referred to as the last "minimum charge" setting also comes out well.

It is the variety by each ship company, Upon shipping companies to transport, we must take the profit. So we set a minimum fee called minimum charge is provided.

This cargo, "Revenue Ton = 2.5" because US $ 10 / BL will be generated.

This answer to the sum of the whole will be as follows.

BASE: US $ 35 W / M x 2.5 + BAF: US $ 8.00 / RTN x 2.5 + CFS CHARGE: ¥ 3,980 / RTN x 2.5 + THC: ¥ 2,000 / RTN x 2.5 + DOC: ¥ 2,000 / BL x 1 + US $ 10 / BL

And thinking, even know the concept, but it is often me that you would embarrassed to witness the emergency number?

So work experience refers to a thing! I guess is tell me.

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