Ridiculous tons say unit

by ychiba

Well, this story is about the "tons".

The "t" is a unit of mere weight, but is quite the back is or deep.
You know, "ton = 1,000kg" The fact is that there are a variety of "tons" other than ....

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Did you know that?

The "t", it's a unit of the British imperial originally.
To say this "ton", was started from the unit to count the "Tal".

In the past it seems to have counted and tapped such as mallet when you count the barrel, the sound exits beaten in that time, "t ... t ..... tons ... tons".

What This is the origin of the sound called "tons", it became a thing of the barrel to as count in units called "tons".
And we began to change the "weight of the water entering the 1 cup barrels = 1 tons".

In the UK "one tons = 2,240 pounds", is "one pounds = about 0.45359237kg" Actually, I become when converted to us is using "kg (kilogram)" and "one tons = 1,016.04kg"!

In the United States it has adopted the same imperial, except further numerical value.
"1 tons = 2,000 pounds", is "one pounds = about 0.45359237kg", but has become a "one tons = 907.18kg"! !

"The ... Why even between the United Kingdom and the United States that have adopted the same imperial there is an error?"

It has been established in imperial, is there divided into units called "hundredweight".

In fact, since different is this "hundredweight" in the United Kingdom and the United States, I have the results as a "t" is also gone different.

Therefore, in order to clarify the United Kingdom and the United States of the difference is that those in the UK, "British ton", the United States of what must be a distinction to be referred to as such as "short tons".

These are, "one tons" of the But in imperial, but it is confusing in this state? ?

So then, when you decide a unit that can be used in the world common, metric is I made a carry to be established internationally.

This metric is advocated France, has spread worldwide.

However, originally the metric did not have a unit of "tons".
Where it was close to the unit called "tons" of imperial law, and I was supposed to be defined as "one tons = 1,000kg" in that it referred to as "t" in the metric.

In your perception, the unit that usually is used "t", but it is "one tons = 1,000kg"?

Japan, of course, is a metric country of use.
So the general perception of in Japan, it is what "one tons = 1,000kg."

But, the United Kingdom is also the United States also, I long since between metric without the adoption are using the imperial still variety in the world "t" is continuing to mix!

Finally, let's put together a variety of "tons" which came out until now.

  • 1) imperial "tons"
    UK: 1 UK ton (long ton / gross tons) = 1,016.04kg
    United States: 1 US tons (short tons / net ton) = 907.18kg

  • 2) metric "tons"
    1 metric ton (metric ton), 1 Buddha ton * = 1,000 kg
  • * Derived from the French ... metric was born

    This time, it became "not a ton" history of talk about tons.

    When you also with overseas transactions, but please beware because there is when it is at the mercy of various "tons" When you off guard!

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