Hello! Watore! It is.

It is a sudden, but talk of 3PL today.

Everyone Do you know the meaning of the word this "3PL"?

"PL ··? ··· Well, that packing list ...?"

No, no I will not.

... And 3PL

Third (3rd) Party Logistics

It is the thing of the abbreviation of.

In order basically to make the resolution of the inconvenience caused by relationships that "conflict of interest" that shippers and carriers,

(In Japan, there is also the case is the same the carrier) third party with a "know-how" is

Standing in a position of shippers,

* Improvement of customer service

* Of logistics-related cost savings

* Ensure market competitiveness

With the aim of such, it refers to be outsourced (outsourcing) logistics business based on the contract.

We, Watore! Is a specialist group of this "3PL".

* The current state of the logistics and your dissatisfaction person

* If you want to diagnose the current state of logistics

* If you want to reform the current logistics

* But, still better not to reform by I do is this remains

Taking advantage of our previous know-how, it worries everyone of trouble hearing, together, is trial and error, and improve, we will reform the current.

You should surely change something! !

Also available a variety of toppings menu.

* I want the customer and e-mail exchanges overseas do not have a person who can be in English, the other helpless state ... in terminology of logistics also came out a lot

* If the trade representative is in a sudden business trip ..... etc.

Anything consultation please!


In addition, just started now logistics business, the people you are going to start now, no sorrow and if equipped! !

We would recommend Come "compact 3PL".

The compact 3PL, while business (logistics) scale is compact, it is a future

It says that it is allowed to start preparing to out early so that it can introduce a supply chain management (SCM) ※ smoothly.

The supply chain management (SCM) and ...

Goods arrive at hand of consumers to (supplied), called supply chain that the flow of such raw materials-processing-packaging.

The supply chain, production plants and importers agency, processing plants, wholesalers, retail stores, a number of the trader, such as a distributor is interposed, "logistics" in that each will occur.

That we are trying to manage this series has consistently referred to as the supply chain management (SCM).

We Watore! In this way, from the improvement of the current situation in your logistics business, we have to help in the new business start of that now begins!

Consultation from you, we are waiting!

Contact us! !

Gobusatashiteorimasu! Watore! It is.


If you were looking forward to have rest your blog for a while, I'm sorry! !

Because we will continue to update also the blog surrounding trade and logistics future, I am glad if you can acquaintance!

This time, after a long time of the appearance, we Watore! Frequently I would like to talk of inquiry to.

Here Watore! The, I receive many such inquiries and consultation in the day-to-day telephone and e-mail.

"I do not know now is whether should I wear anything from hands with very much difficulty likely image When I hear I exports and imports is but he is going to start trading with overseas ..."

"Emergency, when we started the business no longer stick is out of control surging logistics terminology, by someone help, ... that business opportunities are escaping."

"I but has been a self-trading with overseas customers until now, ?? Do you want! Can you help me strive to I want to reduce the cost further overseas expansion by considering the outsourcing of logistics operations than it is now."

"I want turned into 3PL, Where do can I inquire, I wish not sure ..."


In this way the inquiry to come towards one person who worries also various ...

Everyone worries facing such a worries, we've solved that has been cultivated for many years of experience and track record.

Some of those who are reading this blog who are also facing the same kind of worries, Do not Come? ?

Please feel free to contact us to us!
It allows you to expand the possibilities of Business solutions together !!

Send your inquiry to here!

♪ Twitter will also be restarted
Please search for "Worldtrade".

We look forward to follow ♪

Letters of credit (L / C) does not attach anxiety in the export business even in the settlement.

Can I stop the export business because you're anxious?

As long as it start from now, but it will be even if the

Problem is there you!

To say that because there is a risk, but it is not export business is stopped that so easily already begun?

While initially aware of the risk, it might have been a Okkanabikkuri work and turned a blind eye.
But it will be some day get used to such a situation, than have forgotten the fear of risk itself? ?

... Again, I'm However, unexploded ordnance say that risk but it is very you happen to explode at any chance.

Such you is a must.

(read more…)

... That we have also many manufacturers and relationship failure ever.

And because I Is there even when communicate is difficult even in the same Japanese to each other, the word is perhaps a natural if there is a collision, rather also be different overseas manufacturers habit.

Well, since there is also a possibility to say that unilateral prejudice from here too, but please bear in the reference level.
(read more…)

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