North American west coast strike information (follow-up)

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It is a follow-up of the North American west coast strike information. Negotiations for the new agreement concluded between the ILWU / PMA is, January 5 (Monday) is a pattern that has been resumed from afternoon. It is a consultation proposal sprinkled an arbitrator from the PMA side but, ILWU side seemed to have accepted the offer in yesterday's consultation, we have decided to ask the arbitration to the Federal Mediation Bureau (FMCS). In addition, in the negotiations between prolonged ILWU / PMA, slow work by the ILWU union members has been generated Niokimashite Tacoma Seattle district of the terminal. Long also in the beach and railway and port terminal in Los Angeles area, congestion delay as well as trucks and chassis shortage due to the rapid increase of cargo volume is a pattern that has occurred continuously. After finishing the Holiday Season (holiday season) of over the year-end and New Year holidays in the United States, not Seattle-Tacoma area only, by the significant shortage of port workers, truck drivers, even Long Beach Los Angeles and Oakland area (PSW), a further and terminal congestion , train delay is seen. Also, tracker, it is expected congestion due to backlog in the chassis shortages and railway terminal in across the United States.

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