North American west coast strike information (follow-up)

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It is a follow-up of the North American west coast strike information. Negotiations for the new agreement concluded between the ILWU / PMA but is a pattern that has been made over the original weekend of arbitration of the Federal Mediation Bureau (FMCS), progress of discussions, the new information is presented at the moment No cage. Than last week, a variety of rumors about the port lockout Although it is a pattern that is interlaced in the port vicinity, continue negotiations and has continued,
Confirmation of such a formal statement than the current PMA side we do not take. January 19 (Mon) the US Martin Luther King, for the Junior Day (national holiday), also has been interrupted ship loading and unloading work of Day Time (1st) in the shift in the US west coast of Zenminato. In addition, completion of the Holiday of over the year-end and New Year holidays in the United States Season (holiday season), by the significant shortage of longshoremen, truck driver in the West Bank, further terminal congestion is so rail delays are seen.

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