Re-development Shimonoseki Port high-speed transport demand

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Shimonoseki Port has played a function of the gateway for many years as a pioneer of high-speed transportation. In China and adjacent waters trade of South Korea, long in high-speed ferry is established as a transport mode to support the supply chain, Shimonoseki Port international ferry route to fulfilling the three routes, week 11 flights will they fly. However, sluggish in recent years airfare, depending on the speed of improvement, etc. associated with the container ship the size of the inshore route, handling the amount of those there is a fading relatively superiority container cargo is a pattern that sluggish growth is followed by that. Logistics companies that use the Shimonoseki Port, to strengthen the development and international sales of new products, we are working to re-development of the high-speed transport demand. Read on customs clearance and of days a week, CIQ (customs, immigration and quarantine) system is also still a strength of Shimonoseki Port, government also developed a variety of incentives and new terminal, also promote the use by reorganization, etc. of port functions It seems to boost.

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