Useful examples of the trade in the initial process (introduction stage)

Here we introduce Useful examples of in the initial process (introduction stage) in the import business is.

Each is a single service, you are actually for your cooperation in the form of a combination of some of them.

1. Overseas procurement service

img03_1_1_1 In response to the needs of our customers, it is a service that the equivalent goods to suggestions on multiple manufacturers and meeting overseas.

After confirming to the customer, we will a meeting of overseas manufacturers and fine quotient flow close to the needs.

2. Merchandise development services

img03_1_1_2 Customers of the request is a service that will embody from overseas manufacturers and one.

It will be the progress of the feeling to go turn the spiral of proposal ⇒ drawings of ⇒ trial ⇒ verification ⇒ improvement.
Both styles of OEM / ODM There is both a large number of achievements.

Or based on the existing products of foreign manufacturers, it is also of the support such customized suit Japanese tastes.

3. Domestic fit Service

img03_1_1_3 Of international standards product, quite those that do not meet the needs of Japan as it is.

Investigate and related Japanese law and standards, and will continue to support such certification if necessary.

Partners in the initial process

Marketing Process
  • Merchandise survey = countries of the Trade Development Council, the existing connection
  • Credit research = credit research company
  • Intellectual property investigation = law firm
Development process
  • Design = overseas manufacturers, external designer
  • Design prototype = foreign manufacturers, domestic design of skill in the art, the domestic trial of skill in the art
  • Reliability survey = foreign manufacturers, domestic testing laboratories
  • Certification = foreign manufacturers, domestic testing laboratories

Case in the running process (operational phase) is here
Here, we'll explain the help you up to reach the really handy from the production management of the product.

Case in after-sales service (maintenance process) is here
I do not believe that the end Once you have delivered the goods in Watore. Here we describe the important after-sales service in order to produce a repeat.

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