Office products for case

Watore! It is used in the office, especially there is a large track record in ICT goods around the PC.

Computer peripheral products

USB Memory
Ideal USB memory gift!
Its usage is a wide variety, now is the must-have item of one person one or more of the business.

USB Memory USB memory with LED Light

Other USB Products
Now USB product may practical various optimal interesting items for gifts from those.

USB type LED Light USB Fan USB microphone mounted VGA camera USB Media Reader USB Hub High-speed Type USB mini light USB charger USB type PC Lock USB Air Purifier USB speakers

Wireless Products
Wireless was mainly use the 2.4GHz band product, it is one of the items that are now the most attention.

WiFi finder Kids finder Wireless Voice Recorder Skype-enabled IP phone

Power pointer, presentation mouse
Now it is indispensable to the digital presentation, this is the power pointer and presentations mouse.

PC Card Type Power Pointer Zoom function mounted, presentation mouse Presentation mouse Flash memory chip • presentation mouse Finger Mouse type presentation mouse Green laser pointer mounted Finger Mouse-type presentation mouse

Security Products

From handy simple thing, it offers a variety of types to a full-fledged security.

Personal alarm Valuables loss prevention alarm Wire lock type alarm Friendly small alarm Infrared sensor alarm Door alarm Glass alarm

Other office equipment

Laser application equipment
Laser While very convenient, is a product that is also associated with risk.
Portable laser application products, we offer a safe and stable products that comply with the Consumer Safety Act.

APC with red and green laser module Green & Red Laser Pointer Green laser mounted laser marking device

LED Light Products
LED lights to be active in various scenes.
From for gift to convenient type that you want to use any personal, it is variously stocks.

LED flat light Retractable LED light Clip with LED Light LED Book Light Mini stand type LED LED Push Light

Digital Photo Frame

Laminating machine


Dynamo driving commodity

Media Case

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