Well, this story is about the "tons".

The "t" is a unit of mere weight, but is quite the back is or deep.
You know, "ton = 1,000kg" The fact is that there are a variety of "tons" other than ....

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Have you heard of "volume weight"?

It is a strange unit that unit a different say why the "volume" and "weight" became confused.

The logistics it might be more important than the say "dimensional weight" actual "actual weight",.

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Do you, do not have to be surprised at this shocking title than've opened this page?

... Again, this rumor's the truth.

Even while when boarding an airplane without, I'll guide of video flows in order to ensure the flight in safety?
Apparently it all of the persons appearing in the video is naked! !

But pity (!?) To things, only body painting by costume (?) Is is like being dressed in.

This also is a picture is worth a thousand words.
Its actual impact video from here, please.
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