Hello. Watore! It is.

Another article " about the types of marine containers in ", I was let me talk about the types of marine containers from the history of the container ship.

Although container is there are various types of, do you know what kind of container is used No. 1 many?

Is for the purpose of transportation of general cargo such as temperature regulation is not needed, it is the most common container ....
Utilization whopping! It is used in about 85% of all cargo is marine transportation.

Either I would have been already know?

...... Correct answer is "dry container."

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Hello. Is Watore!

At the time containerization began, "container is a ready-to-wear" There was a thing that was said to be like.

To a predetermined size of clothes (container), but it was a situation such as must also pushed the body (cargo) as was somewhat cramped.
Also it is why there was a lot clearly the body that do not fall in clothes (container) (cargo) is in.

For example, and cargo that exceed the maximum loading capacity of the container, you are cargo that do not fit into a single container is too long.
They had been piled in conventional vessels.
But, at present most of the route is a container of the shape of the cargo, the nature, various types of special container according to the application now being developed.

Heavy, long cargo, well as frozen / refrigerated cargo, is not allowed the container transport.

One of its current special container, is a commentary on flat rack containers (Flat Rack Container).
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Currently, sea transport in international trade, but it is common to carry a container.

Do Although it is sea container transport, which fully and now fixed, history is surprisingly shallow, Did you know that the thing that began ago just 50 years?

previous maritime transport container ship is developed "conventional ship" was the leading role.

The conventional ship ship itself is the image, such as the cargo compartment.
For example, "container ship" will transport only the same shape container, but "conventional ship" for it has features that say that can transport a variety of shapes and weight of the cargo.

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Another article in, I talked about actual weight and volume weight.

When you calculate the transport fare is the actual weight "Actual Weight: actual weight" and is the volume weight "Volume Weight: volume weight" are compared, it is considered the weight and should, whichever is greater will be charged You.

It is mean that this claim possible weight is referred to as a "Chargeable Weight (charger Bull wait)".

"... Even, actually what it is somehow to say so."

Even if we know that this way of thinking, I think you it is a lot to be confused at suddenly practice.

So this time, we want to try to calculate together in a concrete example for the practice.

Attribution-ShareAlike License by Tompagenet

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