Hello. Watore! Is.

If you are involved in the trading business, the various "rules of world trade," You know that you have.

Another article, " "Trade Liberalization," What is to say that what first place? ", And" trade liberalization "Moraimashita will be talked about.

It will promote the liberalization of trade is not very important, to advance the liberalization first "rule the world" will not have to decide.
Today is "free trade" and to point the term, WTO (Theo W New Library), WTO (World Trade Organization) and I try to explain.

Use the first case, we ask that the talk of tariffs entered.

As shown in this country if you try to import quality watch A / C and the same price as the country from the country B, 0% tariff applied to the clock of the country B, 40% tariff on country C according to the clock Suppose you were.


Country B's clock-minute tariffs are taking, will be sold at higher prices in the country A than the original price.

People in country A is "cheaper to buy from Country C I watch the same quality," I have decided to say.

That is, country B in country A clock not sell.

In this example, country A would have been a discriminatory tariff on imports of such watches in country B and country C is between trading partners.

Here is the emergence of the rule of the world.

Performed according to the import tariff discrimination between trading partners - what is it - if there should be rules.

Such tariffs have the same order, and not be able to be sold in country A to country C as well watch a clock of the country also B.

That eliminate discrimination between trading partners, the value of the rule is not very important in making trade liberalization.

Is important as a forum to determine the rules to allow free trade in goods and services in the world this way, the World Trade Organization WTO (World Trade Organization) and I.

WTO is an international organization created by the Swiss / Geneva in 1995, and currently 153 countries and regions participated.
From the days of GATT ** predecessor of the WTO, I I have been negotiating as described below.
  • Negotiate lower tariffs
  • To perform duties such as import restrictions in other ways, non-tariff barriers
  • To protect the rights of the people who invented the protection of intellectual property-

** GATT: was built in 1948 as a basic trade rules.

In Japanese, "General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade," is said.

What the WTO is assumed to strengthen the role of the GATT, the rule to allow free trade in the world in the WTO, have created a system to solve the troubles occurred with respect to trade Suttsu.

In the future Watore will continue to deliver a variety of information.

Please look forward!

Hello. Watore! Is.

But suddenly, "Trade Liberalization," Do you know the word?

Oh, somehow, Toka, I have heard is, there your just trying to do it!

Watore is understandable, "trade liberalization" will continue to discuss.


And engaged in trading business, when the exports and imports of goods, tariffs that may take the

You know you do that?

First of all, What is duty? I will explain to you quite simply that loosely.

Duties and taxes - can be applied when crossing the border] - · · Mono

Financial duties shall be applied in order to obtain tax revenue *

Protective tariff shall be applied in order to protect domestic industries *


This tariff, if this is expensive and imports (exports) in goods exports was higher than the price of the original price (imports) will be sold in the country.

Expensive and, in the country because of the possibility of buying a lot of things that Moraenai people to export to countries with high trade tariffs (imports) to refrain from trying, I think that is normal .

By applying the tariff, the foreign national (domestic) exports to (imports), we can make to reduce the amount.

In addition, the import (export) can be expected by the same strict standards and permit conditions.

In terms of revenue and protect domestic industries, but there are benefits, what do you see the person doing the trade?

Has high tariffs and import and export or 厳Shikatsu criteria will be a major obstacle.

So you would be well to stop the flow of world trade.

"Trade Liberalization" is an obstacle or less what it means to lose or misplace!

行うことで、輸出入の流れがスムースになり、自国の製品を他国にたくさん売ることが可能になったり、 "Trade Liberalization," by making becomes smooth flow of imports and exports might lead to many other countries can sell their products,

Now coming into the country a lot of products from other countries - would be able to get cheaper and better products.

Simply "free trade" is Moraimashita will be talking about "free trade" for important institutional advance (WTO), and

Various agreements (EPA or FTA) is there, for there will also be talking again.

In the future Watore will continue to deliver a variety of information.

Please look forward!


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