Hello. Watore! It is.

If you're engaged in trading business, but it is know that there are various "world trade rules".

Another article, " to say that what "trade liberalization" What the first place? In ", I was allowed to talk about the" trade liberalization ".

To proceed with liberalization of trade I'm very important, but in order to promote the liberalization First, it must be decided the "world of rules."
Today I have to point the word "trade liberalization", I think I tried to explain about the WTO (AW over Tio over) World Trade Organization (World Trade Organization).

Use the case First, let me enter from the story of the tariff.

As shown in this figure, B countries and the same price / quality watch from C countries if Country A is trying to import, tariff is 0% according to the clock of country B, tariff according to the Country C of clock 40% Suppose you wanted was.


Minute B countries watch suffering tariffs, it will be sold in A country at a higher price than the original price.

People in country A and I have decided to say "going to buy the watch of cheap country C because I'm the same quality".

It is, B countries of the watch does not sell in country A that.

In this example, A country you will have done the discrimination relating to the import of the clock between a trading partner country B and C countries tariff.

Here is the emergence of the world of rules.

[Shall not be subjected to discrimination of tariff applied on imports between trading partners] but what if there is a rule that.

In order to take tariff will be the same, it is not so can be country B watches to sell in country C Country A watch is also in the same way of.

That eliminate the discrimination between trading partners, it's very important rules in performing liberalization of trade.

In this way is important as free place that determines the rules of order to be able to trade, such as goods and services in the world, is what WTO World Trade Organization (World Trade Organization).

WTO is an international organization that has been made in Switzerland / Geneva in 1995, countries and regions of the current 153 are participating.
From the era of GATT ** a WTO systemic, but I have been negotiated, such as the following.
  • Negotiations to lower tariffs
  • It is carried out, such as import restrictions on non-non-tariff barriers = tariff method
  • Protection of intellectual property rights = to protect the inventors have rights

** GATT: those made in 1948 as the basic rules on trade.

In Japanese it is said to be "the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade".

Is a WTO what took over in a more strengthen the role of GATT, I make the rules of order to be able to freely trade in the world in the WTO, the system for the resolution Suttsu hassles that occurred with respect to trade.

We will continue to deliver a variety of information in the future Watore.

Please stay tuned please!

Hello. Watore! It is.

Although it is suddenly, and you know the word "trade liberalization"?

Oh, somehow, Toka, Naa Have you heard, there has been barely also about you!

Watore will continue to discuss easy-to-understand "trade liberalization" is.


If you are engaged in trading business, when carrying out the exports and imports of goods, the fact that the tariff can take there is,

But it is you know if you?

First of all, What is the tariff? It you will fairly rough-hewn easily .. explanation to that.

[And] tariff that taxes ... things can be subjected to when passing through the border

* ... Financial tariff shall be applied for the purpose of obtaining a tax revenue

* ... Protection tariff shall be applied for the purpose of protecting the domestic industry


This tariff, if this is the expensive, imported and (export) the mono will export (import) be sold in the country to a higher price than the original price.

When the price is high, because in the country there is a possibility that not get bought a lot of the things, people that trade is trying to withhold exports to the tariff is high country (imports), and It is common to think .

By applying a tariff, it is not possible to suppress the amount of exports (imports) of foreign (domestic) from the country.

In addition, imports also be to tighten the (export) authorization criteria and conditions can be expected the same effect.

There in the benefits terms of tax revenue and domestic industry protection, but what When viewed from the people who make the trade?

Or a higher tariff, the reference of imports and exports or severe, it can make a big failure.

Also It is not also that it would stop the flow of world trade.

The "trade liberalization", you can reduce the thing that becomes the disorder, it refers to be or lost!

行うことで、輸出入の流れがスムースになり、自国の製品を他国にたくさん売ることが可能になったり、 "Trade liberalization" By doing that you do, import and export of flow becomes smooth, it may become possible to sell a lot in other countries their own products,

It looks like a lot of products coming into the country from other countries, it is not so can be in hand, such as cheap and good products.

Although I was allowed to talk about easy "trade liberalization", important institutions carrying forward the "trade liberalization" (WTO) and,

There are various agreements (FTA and EPA), but that for there also to speak again.

We will continue to deliver a variety of information in the future Watore.

Please stay tuned please!

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