Also different trouble if Kaware the position even in the same house

It can not be said that in-house, than there is such a problem in your position?


Different positions and roles, each of trouble is different.

Here become beleaguered your reference, realistic trouble and Boyaki who used to introduce ever.

Boyaki of management officials

  • "Because I'm manpower is limited, even though I want to do in anyway efficient ...."
  • "In too many spear, and ... the original work, such has become lax."
  • "I certainly sled increased, ... such has taken time and manpower to the minutes or more."
  • "Just because it is business with overseas, I do not know, a thing is too much I can not be helped ...."
  • "Although want to challenge to new business, Na when there is a burden of too much risk ...."
  • "Certainly it's idea also corresponds with an increased manpower, the saddled fixed costs is tough Na ...."
  • "Summary Do not'm would cease to think whether began to remember the work ...."
  • "Really ?? of being profitable this job."
  • and "because not profitable, ... and to want to quit immediately."

Planning, strategy, market department Boyaki

  • "If you just existing customer, always the same kind of mono just a do it by Na ...."
  • "I Do not want to not things until something now ...."
  • "I wonder are selling What things abroad?"
  • "Do not came too Nitsumari ideas ...."

Boyaki of sales department

  • "I've got anymore to buy want things to the audience is said I missing ...."
  • "What is new and things is not, ... Na'm become price game after all."
  • "If more quickly develop products to me, and .... Na though it easy to business basis"
  • "Because was Doyasa to the audience if you sell those goods, do not do not want anymore to sell ...."
  • "Once upon a time and unlike, do not'm not you give up even say because overseas goods ...."
  • "I want to gift for promotional, something interesting there is no kana?"

Boyaki of development department

  • "I wonder I want to cost down this ...."
  • "I wonder if there is a place that also can make the same things other than here ...."
  • "It's a cumbersome Toka acquisition business of domestic authentication."
  • The "imported, and I wonder if we have to inspection before storing in a warehouse ...."
  • "Always sample and mass production is different do because ...."

Purchasing, procurement, Boyaki of production management

  • "Order Nante, .... And I want to finish the order in order form a single"
  • and "though not a trade department, not turn a hand to other work 's troublesome so business ...."
  • and "I do not know, something that remains is said dangerous that ...."
  • "Something you are messing this work, of not it such should rebuild from the beginning ...."
  • "What in the Toka availability of the production line, dont unless thrust the neck to the back of the production management ...."
  • "It is required to be disclosed in the unofficial and order quantity of up to half a year away, but much like that of here want to know!"
  • "I I just want to know are either when delivered, Toka import schedule line situation Toka ETD" even taught Toka, I do what I should do after all? "
  • "What about good if you write me a purchase order in English?"
  • "Manufacturer, freight forwarder, it's what I should listen warehouse suppliers .... Who is in critical low overall picture in the bank?"
  • "Each and every time, .... And Nante do not have to consult with the accounting department and trade department"
  • "It is said Arekore, ... because I'm always late delivery time."
  • "I'm glad the exchange is cheap and changed, but ... Do not'm troublesome that becomes troublesome business."
  • The "because there is when inspection defective, do not I'm going to be insufficient from always required full number ...."
  • "When multiple suppliers are interposed, contact not only troublesome, after all Na'm rubbing each other of responsibility begins ...."
  • "I'm processes and costs that are not assumed in the costing is generated from the next to the next ...."
  • "I'm different do at all with the story that had been heard from development ...."

QC, goods tube, the Customer Center Boyaki

  • "Defective I want to return, variously described the hassle ...."
  • "I'm fell in quality from lot to lot, I wonder if not you doing something without permission?"
  • "To begin with, the other party the contents of the failure is not it do not understand kana?"
  • and "how much even if the e-mail, nothing came back contact is ...."
  • "Without permission Do not'm would change the member's whether the manufacturing process ...."
  • "I attached the various and reason, not me eventually doing anything ...."
  • "Because I'm around it because it corresponds to the iron in the inspection, how can not fundamentally reform from more Kawakami?"

Logistics department Boyaki

  • "Than usual carry that we had planned, because I deviate a day or two ...."
  • "Precious, .... It but have to ensure the manpower and location"
  • "Because failure is large, I want you to pardon to unusually long time is taken to inspection."
  • "The change is of packing every time to a same thing, it is happening on earth?"
  • "Because it is suitable case marks and packing list, do not I'm not sure how to what is on I have to try to open ...."
  • "That? ... But it should manual has changed from this time."
  • "This boring bad a Na become the shortage is too undue importance lack ...."

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