Export packaging services "cargo Saber"

You may also be unhappy with the current export packing?
Watore! Of using the export packing service "cargo Saber" in various materials and offers service to packing in accordance with important products of our customers to the characteristic form of transport and products.

- Small to big things from things, has conducted the work with the corresponding possible and wood and stretching, such as steel packaging can be used a variety of materials and order mail id at the national major ports.

- 1 part of Packaging will introduce.

Wooden box barrier packaging

Vacuum packing (barrier) is a machine is covered with a barrier, is the way to packing did on the vacuum state to disconnect the air.
More safe / secure 3-proof guard adoption.
It will protect your valuable goods from any damage.


Ideal for any cargo?

◆ products precision machinery ◆ moisture is to use the weak commodity ◆ maritime transport

No barrier packaging

Crate packing I have heard even without a barrier.
Packing strength but not a commodity to be troubled by rust you want! We will protect such delicate items in 2-proof guard.


Ideal for any cargo?
◆ rust and moisture to strong commodity ◆ Product ◆ transport number of days short products for export using the commodity ◆ air transport that does not want to be seen on the sensitive contents

Crate packing

It is best if it is assumed that you store the goods on the roof with room temperature the general warehouse.
Compared to the wooden box packaging, protection force of goods reduces, but low-cost and, also reduces labor of unpacking.

Ideal for any cargo?
◆ commodity goods ◆ storage location to use the lightweight products ◆ air transport is stable

Triple wall packing

The triple wall packing?
It uses a three-layer reinforced cardboard rather than wood. It requires no effort even if you want to export to the wood controlled country!
Compared to the wood packaging, it decreases guard force, but if can choose a self-packing, it is possible packing at low cost.

e38388e383aae38397e383abe382a6e382a9e383bce383abe6a2b1e58c85-e59bb31triple-wall Ideal for any cargo?
◆ adaptable commodity 1. commodity ◆ ready-made in three sizes to export to a country where a timber regulation (93cm × 86cm × 77cm)
2. (93cm × 86cm × 107cm)
3. (122cm × 112cm × 107cm)
Off-the-shelf 3 size Negotiable ※ (made-to-order available)

Stretch packing

What is the stretch packing stretched material was using the property to try to return to the original is the stretch packing.

e382b9e38388e383ace38383e38381e6a2b1e58c85-e59bb311e382b9e38388e383ace38383e38381e6a2b1e58c85-2e59bb31 Ideal for any cargo?
◆ goods to be transported in goods ◆ at a time large lot with a standard size

Steel Packaging

It is packed using a thin plate that instead of using the wood "galvanized steel sheet".
Thickness 0.3mm (crate average 9mm)
The overlying portions regardless of the box strength, is to not see the contents.
Floor part that holds the cargo will be made to the rugged steel frame.
In the case of wood packaging, the case of the packing to when the volume becomes large volume denominated fare, the fare will have become more expensive, but you can reduce the volume of steel packaging.

Ideal for any cargo?
◆ I want to pack the cargo in a compact.
◆ equipment goods cargo ◆ routine lot more than its own weight 10 t

Heavy will be supported by an overhead crane.

The packing factory of our partnership there is also 60 tons of ceiling crane.
Also there is a track record, such as exports of large equipment necessary export in the barge.

It will require packaging to suit the regulations of cost and export partner countries from many a packing form.

"I do not know how or packing of be best", "packaging is necessary, unnecessary whether even do not know."

img_0172efbc88e5a496e8a6b3efbc89 We will further extend your company's tall. Please let me help you.
Please feel free to contact us also such people. "Cargo Saber" is we will respond quickly.

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