What's it easily import and export can be Courier (Courier)?

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Although it is abrupt, do not you this is asked is that is that in the trade?

"Nde emergency of documents, it is not sent to me by courier?"

"Because it is a small amount of sample products, how do not you deliver to out of office by courier?"

What's What courier? With you there I thought!
This time, I'm going to explain the "courier service".

Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License by Karsoe

In English, write and Courier, but the pronunciation of "Courier" I'm not in English.
I Do you feel that you and representation in katakana "Ku~arie~a".
When it is used in conversation with people of foreign countries, and the attention to the pronunciation!

... Once upon a time, long ago, it is the story of the era in which the postal system is not yet developed.
Express courier (Messenger) to the travel the countries to bring important documents and letters from the king was called "Courier (Courier)".

This is to become roots, but "Courier (Courier)" Today international courier service using aircraft, are you refers to the services that deliver urgent documents and small cargo abroad.

It is characterized by the contract, including all up to delivery at the customs clearance and local, and delivery in a short period of time (a few days) to the entrance of the destination.
It is a service of the so-called Door To Door (door-to-door).

As early as there is also a service Nante next day AM delivery from pickup.
However, of course, to vary on a destination and the receiving destination of the sense of distance, to say that all the world all cities and circumstances of the countries, please note different because even by each courier suppliers!

Also, it has a feature to customs clearance in the courier service!

In the non-correspondence (letters) in Japan it has been shipped overseas through customs. It is also the case of imports. This "Speedy of customs clearance" is also a major feature of the courier service.

Small (the sum of the commodity price + taxes + shipping costs) In the case of small cargo, customs clearance in the general cargo transport and different systems have been made.

It is a guy that manifest Customs (simplified customs clearance). In the case of exports, available at export declaration at the same time permission from the customs.

In the case of imports, since the cargo is in the flow of declaration / authorization on the basis of the data obtaining the data of the cargo before the arrival in Japan, because it shortens the time required for customs clearance, this is the next day AM delivery It might have a secret is made to allow for.

... Even courier service is high! Do not you have an image that? ?

And because this only I convenient and fast, well, I think to some extent is also no way.
And certainly, it is the majority that would become quite costly for the spot demand.

This is because, to send you an estimate at the spot and individuals from major courier skilled in the art, in fact it's become regular price of regular charge!

However, the same as the items in the shop, spear-like by it it is somewhere that greatly say the discount has been selling price from the list price to exist! !
In simple terms, and have large contracts BtoB between companies, I'm get to put out a thing called significant cheap special price.

"We do not'm a big company, I wonder if unreasonable .... From a not so frequently used", there you've thought you!

In fact, the courier service, in order to arrange cheaper than the spot / regular fee, I is to use a professional trade agency is Desc. !

You might think "?? of not it is higher to use the agency", but those who skilled in the art received a service from special rates have, in fact or can cost down logistics costs, further complicated since it is possible to ease by to ask all trade practice is recommended!

Without too much hard work by yourself too much, after all the horses for courses.
It also is an important point of business to take advantage of the suppliers!

Of course, Watore! But it is doing so, feel free to here to consult from.

We are looking forward to your consultation!

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