The void of marine container?

by hkanezuka

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Void (void) (ship) (marine transport)
In the previous blog I tried to summarize the steel packing.
Steel - and Le packing We will guide as one of the packing method of protecting export packing so-called precious cargo, the damaged cargo must not be from a variety of external factors.

This time, we talk about the void that just touched a little in the steel packaging article.

In wikipedia definition of void

Void (void)
Microvoids contained in the object. See pores.
In the large-scale structure of the universe, and that of the region where the galaxy is almost non-existent. See super cavity.
In the C language programming language, it is a reserved word that indicates that there is no argument or return value of the function.
Also, when used as a pointer to void indicates that the type is not determined.
Nuclear steam bubbles of the coolant that occurs in the core of the (bubbles) referred to as void. Because the generation of air bubbles to reduce the density of the coolant, reactivity of the reactor is changed by amount of voids.
This is called the void effect (Void Effect). One of the guardian angel God hand that appeared in manga "Berserk" of Kentaro Miura.
Also referred to as "the archangel." In architectural city, and that of non-existent space consciously to create Dasa the structure.
In SF TV drama series Doctor Who, which is aired in the UK BBC, that the absence of space between the world and the world.

Etc. and it has been introduced.
General dictionary to seems to meaning as that "gap" "from".

Well it is the main subject. The marine transportation there is a ship that container ships as a means.
We talked about the previous marine containers. Click here

The reading equipped with its container to ship in packed in a box of cargo containers as the character and then transported to the country. The old days (about 60 years ago) conventional ship was the mainstream. Indeed the old-fashioned way of saying I conventional ship! But it is.

At the time, the cargo handling in this feeling was the mainstream.

The so-called ship itself it can be installed without restriction to have become a cargo compartment (barge of the image) a sense cargo of magnitude. This would be is the state of the ship work of conventional ship carrying wheat and rice, and the like. We've been working to penetrate the ship.

I though the ship larger cargo is useless, of course. Ship Nde Don Braco maritime unexpected rolling and pitching it (Is not Rolling Stones ← bro, it is not a pitching ← pitcher bro) you may encounter. It is also that would sometimes become sideways Na is sleeping now t like this. (I ?? Will do fix it how I)

Conventional ship every single cargo because ship itself is cargo room I of the port cargo handling professionals continue to firmly fixed to the cargo compartment.

But it can not be prevented from external factors unexpectedly! Since I sturdy export packaging has evolved for the purpose of protecting the cargo.

Conventional ship popularity of decline

Transport container ship has spurred the Prior be simplified export packaging in proportion makes it possible to safely transport since has become mainstream in today.
Pros stevedore who lost packing trader san and whereabouts, which was forced out of business is also not a little ...

Was the mainstream Short Ivy cut (Short) is across the board barber for the long hair of the young people I am a bit like that was forced out of business in the world by storm was the influence of the British music group The Beatles in the mushroom hair . ? ?

(However, still mushroom cut Hey there is a firm favorite ...)

Attsu, I'm sorry, I will back the story. It is a final favorite genre contains heat is ...

Mainstream container ship of modern marine transport

The mainstream of modern maritime transport has become a way to be mounted in a container that is meaningful limit on the size of the container ship that is a container of the ship.

However, if you pay an additional fee provides us with ad hoc correspondence shipping companies to shippers everyone.
In other words it is usually does not enter the sea container in circulation large cargo than container
  • Ceiling with no container (open top)
  • It can be mounted on the floor only of the container (flat rack).
If it fits to the original in the height of the cargo container, as the shipping company you will be able to stack containers to and I think you can put the other container to the front and rear side or if the run-off is lateral width. ... As building blocks. That of building blocks is can not become space I will Dari called "void".

The ship company as shown below

Please to some extent guarantee the fare of the "void" minutes it means that it is can be installed the original can be mounted container

It will be that.

Its "void" set fee reality is not arrangements such as certain statutory fee also depends Unlike you to voyage route by ship company (destination). (And it's not cheap.)

Such as potential cargo to machinery and equipment and exports for export may lead to a way which does not cause the allowable size to grasp the "void" fee to be put in mind of the container at the stage of design.

Consultation to with anything Watore

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